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Applying for Your Satta Number

The satta king 786 number (card number) is the card used in combination with the national identification card (NIC). The data number can also be used for accessing funds, opening bank accounts, and gaining a permanent address. However, it is usually associated with the prime responsibility of an accountant, bank manager, or public accountants. The number has been in wide use from the mid-nineteenth century, when it was introduced in the Indonesian parliament. Today, it remains one of the most important cards used by Indonesian citizens.

In the Indonesian legal system, the state number appears separately, unlike the rest of the Indonesian national ID cards. As such, it is not normally required as evidence of citizenship. Rather than appearing on the left side of the card like other cards, the data appears on the right side.

The state number is assigned to every individual who has attained eighteen years of age and is a permanent resident of Indonesia. It also appears on the marriage certificate of a female who marries an Indonesian citizen. There are currently plans for another revision of the Indonesian immigration law that could eliminate the requirement for the data number for all Indonesian citizens. However, until such time, the state is a necessary prerequisite for certain immigration purposes. For example, when applying for a social security card, an adult applicant must present a satta number from his/her birth certificate.

The data is based on nine numbers only, which are determined by the date of birth of the applicant. The numbers are subdivided into ten, the first being the four-digit number that indicates the year of birth. These digits are called, collectively, the national ID card number. The remaining digits are the birth months and the days of the week.

In recent years, the national ID cards have been made more universal, and a satta number is no longer required for obtaining the card. This change in the procedures is being felt now as there are more people living and working overseas, and many members of the local population are also of foreign origin. The primary motivation for altering the satta procedure is to eliminate fraud and identity theft, which are prevalent problems in the current times. The new procedure will also facilitate the processing of visa applications.

To know the exact state number required for you or your loved one, you need to contact your local Primate’s office. They would be able to provide you with the exact satta number you require. Alternatively, you can check on the Indonesian immigration website. This website offers assistance for those who need to obtain their cards, or for those who need to renew their status. You can easily order your card from this website.

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